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Everything a beginner should know about Online poker

Pros: To attract new players and especially beginners, Canadian online poker rooms all have tables to play for virtual money. You will often find it under the name “Fun”. Poker rooms have understood that playing poker for money online hinders a part of the population. It is, therefore, necessary to create a bond of trust with its future players. For them, it is an argument to convince the seriousness and quality of its games. There are also players who simply like to play a few hands for fun.

For you, the advantage is multiple. Please note that you have to be a registered player to enjoy these poker tables. As a rule, you can play all the versions available in the paid game, with the obvious exception of tournaments. Some rooms may offer free tournaments to new players, but the bankroll offered can only be used to win real money.

Playing for free allows you to test the poker room before depositing your entire bankroll. In addition, this will allow you to learn about the software, the different options available and generally how to play online.

If you are a beginner, this is the best way to find out how to play poker. For more experienced players, it’s a great way to work on your strategies. Play money poker is all about playing against anyone and everyone. It takes nerves of steel to play against beginners playing all in and then end up in a head-to-head match against a real player testing a strategy.

In an attempt to put some semblance of play at their play money tables, Poker rooms do not automatically reload your account. Some casinos require you to have a minimum of 200 virtual chips to request a refill. Some casinos limit virtual chip reloads to two per day. These limits allow for a more serious game than a no-limit on chips. 

The cons: The only thing you can find against virtual play is that it is virtual. Money, even for a 20 cent blind, gives poker its full dimension. Poker strategies are, among other things, based on your bankroll, the height of your bets, the value of the blinds. It isn’t easy to understand the technicalities of poker when playing online only.