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Games of Chance: try Your Luck!

With the growing number of online or downloadable games, it’s hard to choose… There are countless sites devoted to games of chance: quizzes, crosswords, competitions, cybercasinos… Not to mention the phenomenon of online poker, which is attracting more and more Internet users. Some platforms are now organising real tournaments, and some cyber gamblers have even made a living of it!

Decodes the world of gambling, and reveals its temptations, tips, and traps to avoid. Follow the guide!

A Social Phenomenon

Online gambling was born in the United States in 1995 when the first sports bets were no longer made by telephone but on the Internet. The games became very popular. But it is poker that has the largest number of followers on the Internet! Numerous gaming platforms wanted to exploit the potential and launched all the games of chance and other lotteries that now invade the web.

The poker phenomenon was launched thanks to the film Rounders, which was released in 1998. The same year Planet Poker launched the first online poker room. But it was in 2004 that online poker exploded when an anonymous Poker Star player, Chris Moneymaker, won the World Series of Poker by winning C$2.4 million with a C$40 bet! The fascination for this unknown player-generated millions of virtual poker fans. The phenomenon was launched… Poker is now a real business: nearly C$300 million are exchanged between players every day.

A Brief Overview Of Games Of Chance

Discover a hidden word by clicking on the right boxes to win points, and if you are the most active player, you can win a digital camera! Find a celebrity in a quiz bowl and get a Wii! Games of chance come in all shapes and sizes: pop culture or general questions to win a spa break, a game of pool or bowling for DVDs, a scratch-off game to win!

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Here is a quick roundup of the selected games of chance for you:


Who hasn’t dreamed of winning the Jackpot in roulette or plucking their opponents in poker? You can practice your bluffing skills for free at the online poker tables or hit the jackpot at blackjack. The Internet gives you all the keys to find the gaming platform that suits you and all the rules and tricks to play like a pro!


By answering a few questions or just by sending your entry, you can win dream gifts.

The PMU:

All the horse races are on the net! You can see them, listen to them and bet online. You have access to the odds of the champions and the quality of the field. Nothing is left to chance for you to bet. Just choose your formula and win the prize!

Crash Gambling

It should be also mentioned that today crash gambling is even much more popular among the players than the other games of chance.

Three conditions have been met for crash gambling to be considered a game of chance: the player wagers money or an object of value; this wager, once placed, cannot be taken back; and the outcome of the game depends on chance. You always have a chance to win just try your luck!